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Saint Valentin on February 14 234 years in Rome was born.

As well as all Romans, Valentin’s relatives were pagans.

Romans had a beautiful spring holiday devoted to the goddess Juno – the patroness of marriage and a child-bearing. This day Valentin’s father made to all children gifts.

Tenderness, kindness, obedience, assiduity – here with what virtues Valentin’s God allocated. In the childhood he decided to become a priest.

In 18 it I married. Libya became lyubyashcheyzheny and careful mother, having given birth to Valentina of the son and the daughter. That was happy. I gave all the free time to children.

In 25 Valentin became the bishop.

As obliges Valentin with inspection visited temples, watching performance of ceremonies. Once they were overtaken by a terrible thunder-storm on the open district. Except a lonely century oak in the middle of a field, other shelter it wasn’t observed. Having approached an oak, Valentin found out that under his krone already took cover the 3rd Christians. The elements stormed with such terrible force that there was only one: to pray and hope for God. Under a tree five people violently prayed, everyone addressed to the God.

Unexpectedly the lightning struck in a tree. People found out that both horses of Valentin died on the spot, but the only horse of Christians remained is live. Then one of Christians told Valentin: «You see, you addressed to the God, but that was occupied and didn’t hear you, I addressed to the Son Bozhiyem Jesus Christ, and he asked the Father to spare me. Who from us is right?» And Valentin began to think of that occurred. After a thunder-storm at Valentin gift of insight and healing opened. Now to it was to touch enough a sore point as the person right there recovered.

In 2 years, in 30 years, Valentin hosts a baptism and the Christianity addresses in new belief.

But the apostate was right there subjected to persecutions. Valentin had to go underground.

He periodically secretly visited the house. During one of Valentin’s appointments the Roman soldiers tried to grab.

Valentin could escape from an ambush, but then Romans arrested his father – pro-sweaters of local church. Having learned about it, Valentin voluntary gave up to the authorities, hoping that now his father will release on freedom. But sympathy and compassion was alien to his persecutors, Valentin and his father both appeared in prison. Earlier Valentin cured the daughter of the chief of prison of a blindness. Therefore when the girl learned that her savior is now in a dungeon, it right there came to him to the camera to learn what it needs. Valentin asked the girl to transfer the letter to his family. So through the daughter of the chief of prison Saint Valentin could communicate with the children. Children wrote the father about the boundless love to it, it, in turn, as could calmed them.

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Half a year were spent by Valentin and his father in prison.

Both of them were hung up on February 14 by 271 years. Palace Square on which passed executions of this sort, couldn’t accomodate everyone to lead to the world other these people. During execution on the square there were Valentin’s children. When the sentence was carried out, over crowd the bloodcurdling scream of children sacred, gradually calmed down in the general human crying was distributed. Executioners for the first time saw that executed so strongly and bitterly mourned everything the audience.

In 311, shortly before the death, the emperor Galery who pursued Christians all the life, saw a dream. To it Saint Valentin came and told: «If you want to clear the soul, accept my belief, and day of my death let will be St. Valentine’s Day».

Next morning Galery issued the decree which forbade all persecutions on Christians. Subsequently the holiday devot



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Saint Valentine’s Day History

We celebrate Valentine’s Day every February 14th.

The story of Valentine’s Day begins in the third century with an oppressive Roman emperor Claudius II and a humble Christian priest Valentine.

Claudius declared it unlawful for young men to marry. He seen the king wanted them to be solders in faraway lands. He thought that if the young men were married would worry about their families back home and so wouldn’t make very good warriors. Valentine disobeyed the king and secretly married many young couples.
When Claudius found out about it he sent Valentine to prison.

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According to legend, during his imprisonment, Saint Valentine healed the daughter of his jailer, Julia. Before his execution The bishop passed her a note signed «From your Valentine» as a farewell.

This story has became into the defining tradition of Valentine’s Day.
On each February 14, Saint Valentine’s Day, messages of affection and devotion are exchanged around the world. An estimated one billion cards sent each year, making it the second largest card-sending holiday of the year behind Christmas.


Каждое 14-е февраля мы отмечаем День Влюбленных.

История Дня Святого Валентина берет свое начало в третьем веке, во времена, когда жил жестокий римский император Клавдий II и смиренный христианский священник Валентин.

Клавдий запретил молодым мужчинам вступать в брак.
Валентин понимал, королю нужны солдаты, воюющие в заморских странах.
Император считал, что у него не будет хороших воинов, если молодые люди будут женаты, ведь тогда они будут беспокоиться о своих семьях, оставшихся на родине.

Валентин ослушался короля и тайно совершал обряд венчания многих молодых пар.
Когда Клавдий узнал об этом, он отправил Валентина в тюрьму.

Согласно легенде, во время тюремного заключения Святой Валентин исцелил дочь тюремщика, Джулию. Перед своей казнью, священник передал ей прощальную записку, подписанную «От твоего Валентина».

Эта история послужила возникновению традиции Дня святого Валентина.
Каждое 14 февраля, в День Святого Валентина, во всем мире люди дарят друг другу знаки внимания и преданности. Согласно оценкам, ежегодно отправляется один миллиард валентинок, что делает этот праздник вторым по величине после Рождества.

According to a Roman legend, during the third century, a man named Valentinus was imprisoned for his Christian beliefs and sentenced to death by execution. While jailed, Valentinus restored the sight of his jailer’s blind daughter. The night before Valentinus was sentenced to execution, he wrote a note to the jailer’s daughter saying, “From Your Valentine.” Valentinus was executed on Feb. 14, 269 A.D.


Согласно римской легенде, в третьем веке человек по имени Валентин был заключен в тюрьму за свои христианские убеждения и приговорен к смертной казни. В тюрьме Валентин исцелил слепую дочь стражника. Ночью, перед казнью священник написал записку этой девочке: «От твоего Валентина». Валентин был казнен 14 февраля 269 года.

Legends say that Valentinus was killed for trying to help persecuted Christians escape Roman prisons.


История повествует нам, что Валентин был убит за попытку помочь бежать из римских тюрем христианам, которых преследовали.

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This story claims that Valentine was a priest in third-century Rome. Claudius II (Known as Claudius Gothicus, was a Roman emperor from 268 AD to 270 AD) thought single men made better soldiers. Naturally the emperor outlawed young men from marrying. Valentine argued against this order and kept performing marriages. Claudius soon had him executed for going against his commands.


Эта история утверждает, что Валентин был священником в третьем веке в Риме. Клавдий II, известный как Клавдий Готик, был римским императором с 268 года н.э. до 270 г. н.э., считал, что не семейные юноши будут лучшими солдатами. Тем самым запретил молодым людям вступать в брак. Валентин выступал против данного приказа и продолжал венчать браки. Вскоре Клавдий казнил его за то, что священник ослушался его.

In the fifth-century, legends have said that Romans honored Juno (The pagan goddess of love and marriage). On February 14, a man would pick a woman’s name out from a box and later court her for marriage. Around the time frame of 498 A.D., Pope Gelasius declared February 14 as the official St. Valentine’s Day to honor the martyr Valentine and to ultimately end the pagan celebration of Juno.


Легенды повествуют, что в пятом веке римляне чтили Юнону, языческую богиню любви и брака. 14 февраля юноша выбирал имя девушки из коробки, затем вел ее под венец. Примерно в 498 г. Д. Папа Геласиус объявил 14 февраля официальным Днем Святого Валентина, чтобы почтить память мученика Валентина и в конечном итоге положить конец языческому празднованию Юноны.

Story of Saint Valentine and St. Valentine’s Day The day is named after Bishop Valentine, who was alive in ancient Rome. He betrayed the Emperor by conducting illegal weddings for couples in the name of love. He was arrested and fell in love with the jailer’s daughter. Before he was executed, he gave a note to his love saying «From your Valentine», which founded the whole meaning of the current celebration.


История Святого Валентина и название праздника Дня Влюбленных пошло в честь епископа Валентина, жившего в Древнем Риме. Он ослушался Императора, совершая секретно обряды венчания для пар во имя любви. Он был арестован и влюблен в дочь стражника. Перед тем, как был казнен, он передал записку своей любви, в которой говорилось: «От твоего Валентина». Эта записка и послужила возникновению данного праздника.


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