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Простоквашино черта героев на английском языке

Простоквашино черта героев на британском языке

Черта ГЕРОЕВ «ПРОСТОКВАШИНО» с переводом на британский язык:

Eduard Uspensky wrote the series of humorous stories about «Prostokvashino» village, written in the genre of narrative or fairy tale.

Uncle Fedor is the boy who loves animals. He was not allowed to keep pets at home, so he went to the village. Uncle Fedor thinks like an adult and he is quite responsible, so thats why he is called Uncle. Animals for him are not just pets, but the real friends. The boy is very independent, he runs the house in the «Prostokvashino» village together with his friends.

Cat Matroskin is a very smart cat, he likes teaching everyone. It is striped, so his name is Matroskin, because of comparison with sailors t-shirt. The cat is very economical and practical, it can sew and keep costs, he cares for a cow Murka. It stores the hay and food for the winter. Matroskin is always looking for profit in anything.

Dog Sharik is a very hardworking dog. He was homeless, like a cat, while uncle Fyodor took him to live with him. Sharik is not in very good terms with the cat (almost like cat and dog), but they have become friends. He likes to hunt.

Postman Pechkin is a local postman of the «Prostokvashino» village. Igor Ivanovich Pechkin is not so harmful as we used to think. He is following the rules of principle. In fact, Pechkin is a good man, a lonely one, but he is always ready to help. His passion is his bicycle.

Daw-baby is the smallest and cheerful character. Birdy name is Galchonok or Hvatayka. Cat and dog taught him to ask: «Who’s there?» He likes to repeat the words.

Parents (Mom and Dad) Fathers name is Dima. He is cheerful, he likes to make fun. He is a real family man. He likes fixing his car. Moms name is Rimma. She’s strict, but at the same time she is very careful. She is a singer, very absorbed in her vocation.


Эдуард Успенский написал серию шутливых историй о местечке Простоквашино, написанных в жанре повесть притча.

Дядя Федор мальчишка, который очень любит животных. Ему не разрешили держать питомцев дома, поэтому он уезжает в деревню. Дядя Федор считает себя взрослым и ответственным, потому и нарекают его Дядя. Для него животные не просто питомцы, а истинные друзья. Мальчишка очень самостоятельный, совместно со своими приятелями он ведет хозяйство в деревне Простоквашино.

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Кот Матроскин очень разумный кот, он всех поучает. Он полосатый, потому зовут его Матроскин. Кот очень хозяйственный, удобный, он может шить, вести расходы, ухаживать за коровой Муркой. Он припасает сено и продукты на зиму. Во всем кот отыскивает выгоду.

Пес Шарик очень трудолюбивая собака. Он был бескровным, как и кот, пока Дядя Федор не взял его к для себя жить. Шарик не очень ладил с котом (практически как кошка с собакой), но все же они сдружились. Ему очень нравится охотиться.

Почтальон Печкин местный почтальон из деревни Простоквашино. Игорь Иванович Печкин не столько вредный, как мы привыкли считать. Он следует правилам своих принципов. На самом деле, Печкин благой мужик, одинокий, но всегда готов придти на помощь. Его страсть велосипед.

Галчонок самый махонький и радостный персонаж. Птичку зовут «Галчонок» либо «Хватайка». Кот с собакой научили его спрашивать: Кто там? Ему нравится повторять слова.

Родители папа и мама. Папу зовут Дима. Он радостный, любит подшутить. Папа истинный семьянин. Ему нравится копаться с машиной. Маму зовут Римма. Она строгая, но в то же время очень попечительная. Она певица, очень увлеченная свои делом (призванием).


Сценарий «Трое из Простоквашино» на английском языке

специалист в области арт-терапии

The Three from Prostokvashino

Uncle Fedor – Anton

Cat Matroskin – Dasha

Postman Pechkin – Vova D.

Cow – Maxim and Nikita

Costumes – Angelina, Christina O. and Alina

Decorator – Elya, Lyuba, Christina E., Artyom, Sergey

Cat Matroskin: You are not eating your sandwich properly, uncle Fedor. You keep the sausage side up and you should put it on your tongue. It’s tasty at this way.

Uncle Fedor: How do you know my name is uncle Fedor?

Cat Matroskin: I know everybody in the house. I live on the attic and I can see everything. My name is cat Matroskin. It’s my last name. But now they’ve closed the attic for repair and I have no place to live… Fedor, do you have only one incorrect sandwich?

Uncle Fedor: Well, I have some at home. You can come and live with me if you wish.

Cat Matroskin: Your mum will shoot me away.

Uncle Fedor: She will not. Dad will come to your side.

Mum: Why does it smell a cat here? I think, that Fedor has brought one.

Dad: So what? One cat won’t bother us.

Mum: It won’t bother you but it will bother me. Just think, it has no use to us.

Dad: Is this must? For example, what’s the use of this picture on the wall?

Mum: This picture makes a great use. It hides a hole in the wallpaper!

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Dad: And cats can also be useful. They can catch mice.

Mum: But we don’t have any mice!

Dad: We can get some.

Mum: Well, if this cat is so important to you, choose it is there he or me!

Dad: I choose you. I’ve got known you long enough. And I see this cat for the first time!

Sharik: Hello! Let me live with you! I’ll be a watch dog.

Cat Matroskin: No way! We don’t have a place to live ourselves. Come back in the year when we get some household to guard.

Uncle Fedor: Wait, Matroskin. Everyone needs a good dog. Let’s better find out if there is an empty house in the village.

Sharik: Yes, there is one! I will show you. Nobody lives there. Its owners moved on over the river.

Cat Matroskin: Is there a stove?

Sharik: Yes! It takes the half of the kitchen. Will you let me live with you? Or should I come later? In the year…

Uncle Fedor: Sure, we’ll take you. The three most full of fun. What’s your name?

Sharik: Sharik. I’m an ordinary dog not of pure breed.

Uncle Fedor: My name is uncle Fedor. And this cat is Matroskin.

Cat Matroskin: It’s my last name.

Sharik: Nice to meet you.

Cat Matroskin: I can’t live without milk. We should buy a cow.

Uncle Fedor: But we don’t have any money!

Sharik: Why don’t we borrow it from our neighborhoods?

Cat Matroskin: How are to get them pay off? That must be returned.

Sharik: Give them milk in return.

Cat Matroskin: But if we get the milk away, what we need the cow for.

Sharik: Well, we have to sell something.

Cat Matroskin: Like what?

Sharik: Something useless.

Uncle Fedor: To sell something useless, we have to buy it at the first place and we don’t have any money.

Cat Matroskin: Sharik, let’s sell you.

Sharik: Me? What do you mean?

Uncle Fedore: We are not going to sell anyone. We’ll search a treasure!

Sharik: Hooray! But what is a treasure?

Postman Pechkin: Give it to me! Give it to me! Your hear – give it to me! Caught you! This jackdaw has stolen my Olympic ruble! This bird is good only for clinical lab tests.

Uncle Fedor: No, don’t take it to the clinic. We’ll cure him and teach him how to talk.

Postman Pechkin: What’s in this trunk?

Cat Matroskin: We would pick mushrooms, is it clear?

Postman Pechkin: Sure enough.

Cat Matroskin: I think, it’s no use in keeping it. It’s a waste of time and food. Say “Who is there?”. “Who is there?”. Say “Who is there? Who is there?”

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Sharik: Do you have anything better than that? Teach him a song or poem.

Cat Matroskin: I can sing songs myself. They are completely useless.

Sharik: And what is good of “Who is there?”?

Cat Matroskin: Simple

Cat Matroskin: If a stranger comes and nobody is home…

Cat Matroskin: He will knock at the door and the jackdaw will ask him ”Who is there?” And the man will think that somebody is at home and won’t steel anything from the house. That’s clear.

Jackdaw: Who is there? Who is there?

Cat Matroskin: Hooray! It works!

Uncle Fedor: “Dear Mum and Dad,

I’m OK, everything’s fine. I have all I need…”

Mum: Well, honey. Why did not we get back to the city, you need a good care.

Dad: And if you want to take this cat or Sharik or someone else with you, go ahead!

Mum: We won’t mind it

Uncle Fedor: So, Matroskin, will you go with me?

Cat Matroskin: I would if I were on my own. But what about my cow? What about my winter stuck?

Uncle Fedor: And what about you, Sharik?

Sharik: We will stay here. You’d better come to us for holidays.

Cat Matroskin: And on the weekends.

Cat Matroskin: Wait! Wait! Here you are! Take it. You have lot of fun with him.

Jackdaw: It’s me, Postman Pechkin I’ve brought you a “Moorzilka” magazine.

Mum: Oh, what an embarrassment, we completely forgot about Pechkin

Sharik: And it’s right. He was so nasty.

Postman Pechkin: Excuse me, I was nasty because I had no bicycle. And now I will start to solve a right way. And I’ll get some pet to make me company. You come home and it is happy to see you… Come back to our Prostokvashino

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