Как пишется на английском босс молокосос

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Босс-молокосос (The Baby Boss)

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A muscle-head, a bunch of yes men, and a doodler?

Smead Manila, pressboard edges.

A baby corp binky? Where did you get that?

Impersonating an Elvis impersonator?

Oh, staci!

The story is about cannibalism and burning people alive.

«‘I don’t think I’ll fit,’ said gretel

But after normal babies get their pacifier taken away.

Buttocks up! Now pedal like you mean it!

at the shar pei.

Grr! Little brat!

seem to vanish like a gambler‘s lucky streak

Who’s there? I got a racket!

I just threw up a noodle and swallowed it.

Where do you live, sweetie?

And here’s your severance package. Ha!

What happened to bedtime?

He carries a briefcase.

The usual procedure, sleep deprivation, hunger strikes.

Is a healthy dab of margarine.

Where’d you think, the cabbage patch?

of my vengeance.

Pow, pow, pow!

when we’re out together dancing, cheek to cheek

Does he know karate? What’s going on?


Baby corp betray me!

Huh. I thought puppies shred everything.

What? You’ve never been tickle?

And, I bake cookies!

No! I warn you!

What is she scream about?

I’d hate for them to get terminate.

You stole everything!

No wonder kids are so mess up!

Arise for a nutritious breakfast!

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I’m not a family man. I belong behind a desk.

We all laugh

Ensign t-Rex and i are investigating a hostile alien invasion.

I’m being chase by a killer babysitter!

and the cares that hung around me through the week

Wait. You’re not suppose to end with «ha!»

Then why are you torturing me?

What great adventure lie in wait for you today?

«And the godless witch was miserably burn to death.»

Wake up, little halflings! It’s 7:00 A.M.

Some days, I rescue my parents.

I just threw up a noodle and swallowed it.

And I promise you this.

«Pushed the wicked old woman into the oven.

I want you to suck it. You suck it!

But they replace me with someone new.

The baby was deliver in a taxi.


You called? Do you need senor squeaky?

«And the godless witch was miserably burnt to death.»

And see if there’s someplace around here with decent Sushi.

He set up his office, right smack dab in the middle of the house.

He set up his office, right smack dab in the middle of the house.

Luckily for me and my little brother, it had a happy ending.

Eugenia is practically perfect in every way.

Why? Because he came out of nowhere!

Literally, I can’t reach the door knobs.

Meanwhile, two days goes by like that.

Look, it’s time we put our differences aside.

Besides, you boys are in great hands.

No. I’ve seen this before somewhere.

You obviously didn’t go to business school.

We drink a super-secret baby formula that keeps us babies forever.

I know I said it. Ow, hey, you hit me twice. Ow!

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You’re the man! Absolutely!

Ha! They’d never leave us alone.

Perhaps your parents need to be enlightened.

Sometimes, I get confused too.

Oh, look! The kids are finally getting along.

Spring forward, fall back.

Especially during daylight savings time.

It almost happened to me.

Like super big boss baby, mega boss baby.


My parents always said that I had an overactive imagination.

Who’s ticklish? It doesn’t work on me.

Getting along is exhausting.

That’s very reassuring.

It turns out I was lactose intolerant.

Come on, everyone has a tickle spot.

Taming a turbulent ocean!

I’m going to turn into a puking, pooping, helpless baby!

Each one more adorable than the last.

Behold our mortal enemy. Puppies!

Has that little dwarf made you blue?

Sure is! Affirmative!

Hey! Don’t be cruel!

Now, ladies, the secret to deep fried butter.

That’s awful! Horrible!

We are very disappointed in you.

Gentle, gentle.

And then, all of a sudden,

You can see we’re approaching fabulous las Vegas.

But just to get rid of you.

And see if there’s someplace around here with decent Sushi.

I wish I was that excited for work.

I don’t have that kind of spare time.

there’s something weird about this guy?

Hands up, devil baby!

It makes me feel weak.

No, he’s daddy’s little tough guy, right?


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