Как пишется маршмеллоу на русском языке


1 marshmallow

2 marshmallow

3 marshmallow

4 marshmallow

5 marshmallow

6 marshmallow

7 marshmallow

8 marshmallow

9 marshmallow

10 marshmallow

11 marshmallow

12 marshmallow

13 marshmallow

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marshmallow — [ marʃmalo ] n. m. • mil. XXe; mot angl. ♦ Anglic. Pâte de guimauve, présentée sous forme de cubes de couleurs pastel. Des marshmallows. ● marshmallow nom masculin (anglais marshmallow, guimauve) Guimauve molle enrobée de sucre glace et d amidon … Encyclopédie Universelle

marshmallow — O.E. mersc mealwe kind of mallow plant (Althea officinalis) which grows near salt marshes; from MARSH (Cf. marsh) + MALLOW (Cf. mallow). The confection (so called from 1877) originally was made from paste from the roots of this plant. The Greek… … Etymology dictionary

marshmallow — ► NOUN ▪ a spongy sweet made from a mixture of sugar, albumen, and gelatin … English terms dictionary

marshmallow — [märsh′mel΄ō, märsh′mal΄ō] n. 1. a sweet paste first made from the root of the marsh mallow, and now made of sugar, starch, corn syrup, and gelatin 2. a soft, spongy confection, in the form of small, rounded pieces coated with powdered sugar,… … English World dictionary

Marshmallow — For other uses, see Marshmallow (disambiguation). A collection of coloured marshmallows The marshmallow is a confection that, in its modern form, typically consists of sugar, corn syrup, water, gelatin that has been softened in hot water,… … Wikipedia

Marshmallow — Marshmallows Marshmallow (auch Mäusespeck, Hamburger Speck, Schaumzucker, selten Zuckerspeck[1]) ist eine Süßigkeit aus Eischnee, Geliermittel, Zucker sowie Aroma und Farbstoffen … Deutsch Wikipedia

marshmallow — marshmallowy, adj. /mahrsh mel oh, mal oh/, n. 1. a sweetened paste or confection made from the mucilaginous root of the marsh mallow. 2. a similar confection, usually soft and spongy, made from gum arabic or gelatin, sugar, corn syrup, and… … Universalium

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Marshmallow — Guimauve (confiserie) Pour les articles homonymes, voir Guimauve. Guimauves roses. Blanches dans leur forme la plus simple, on les commercialise néanmoins souvent avec des colorants … Wikipédia en Français

marshmallow — noun /mɑːʃˈmaləʊ,ˈmɑɹʃˌmɛl.oʊ,ˈmɑɹʃˌmæl.oʊ/ a) A species of mallow, Althaea officinalis, that grows in marshy terrain. The Disagreeable Girl is a female of the genus homo persuasion, built around a digestive apparatus that possesses marked… … Wiktionary

marshmallow — UK [ˌmɑː(r)ʃˈmæləʊ] / US [ˈmɑrʃˌmeloʊ] noun [countable/uncountable] Word forms marshmallow : singular marshmallow plural marshmallows 1) a soft pink or white sweet with a thick round shape 2) a plant with pink flowers that grows in wet areas … English dictionary


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