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7, 8, 15, 19, 20 20,15, 23, 14, 19 GHOST TOWNS

At the lesson we: Learn new words to describe places in the past. Try to describe places as they were in the past. Read texts about ghost towns. Answer the questions on the texts. Fill in the table about the texts.

Read as quickly as you can

Мatch the opposites А. Clean, beautiful, busy, crowded В. Ugly, polluted, deserted, quiet

Use the letters to make up the words buafetuli – edretsed – uqite – elacn – ylgu – beautiful deserted quiet clean ugly

Use the new words in the sentences below I like small towns. The air is ______ and fresh there. The main street of the city is very ______________. There are lots of nice buildings and decorations. There are ten _____ buildings in the world – buildings that are not beautiful. Lots of European towns are very small, peaceful and _______. There are several ___________towns. People don’t live there anymore. clean beautiful deserted ugly quiet

Look at the pictures of Moscow taken in 1980 and in 2007. Do you recognize the place? What are the differences?

Listen to the text and then read it artistically Ex. 3 p. 66

Look through the text and answer the questions 1) Where is it? 2) How many people lived there? 3) Where did they work? 4) How did they spend their free time? 5) Were they happy? 6) What happened in 1887? 7) What does it look like today?

Read the short text about Chernobyl Chernobyl was a city in northern Ukraine, in the Kyiv Oblast near the border with Belarus. The government evacuated the city in 1986 due to the Chernobyl disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, which is located 14.5 kilometers (9 miles) north-northwest. The power plant was named after the city, and located within Chernobyl Raion (district), but Power Plant workers lived in Pripyat, a city, which was larger and closer to the power plant. Though the city today is mostly uninhabited, a small number of inhabitants live in houses marked with signs stating that the «Owner of this house lives here». Before the government evacuated the people, there lived about 15,000 residents.

Name of the town(Facts) Mineral Park Chernobyl Famagusta Country Number of people who lived there When did it become deserted? Why did it become deserted? Nowadays

Today at the lesson I have found out… learnt… remembered… known…


Данный перевод песни на русском языке является художественным, т.е. перевод недословный. Чтобы узнать дословный перевод песни, можете наводить мышкой на английские слова.

Ghost town

Died last night in my dreams
Walking the streets
Of some old ghost town
I tried to believe
In God and James Dean
But Hollywood sold out

Saw all of the saints
Lock up the gates
I could not enter
Walked into the flames
Called out your name
But there was no answer

And now I know my heart is a ghost town
My heart is a ghost town
My heart is a ghost town
My heart is a ghost town

Died last night in my dreams
All the machines
Had been disconnected
Time was thrown at the wind
And all of my friends
Had been disaffected

Now, I’m searching for trust
In a city of rust
A city of vampires
Tonight, Elvis is dead
And everyone’s spread
And love is a satire

And now I know my heart is a ghost town
My heart is a ghost town
My heart is a ghost town
My heart is a ghost town

There’s no one left in the world
I’m gunslingin’
Don’t give a damn if I go
Down, down, down
I got a voice in my head that keeps singing
Oh, my heart is a ghost town

My heart is a ghost town
Oh, my heart is a ghost town
My heart is a ghost town
My heart is a ghost town


Умерев прошлой ночью во сне
Хожу по улицам
Одного старого города-призрака
Я пытался поверить
В Бога и Джеймса Дина
Но Голливуд распродан

Видел, как святые
Заблокировали ворота
И я не мог войти.
Прошел сквозь огонь,
Зал тебя по имени,
Но не получил ответа

И сейчас я знаю, что мое сердце — город-призрак
Мое сердце — город-призрак
Мое сердце — город-призрак
Мое сердце — город-призрак

Умерев прошлой ночью во сне,
После того, как все аппараты
Были отключены.
Время потрачено на ветер,
И все мои друзья
Были недовольны.

Сейчас я ищу доверия,
В ржавом городе,
Городе вампиров.
Этой ночью Элвис умер,
Народ разошелся,
А любовь — ирония

И сейчас я знаю, что мое сердце — город-призрак
Мое сердце — город-призрак
Мое сердце — город-призрак
Мое сердце — город-призрак

В этом мире никого не осталось
Я стрелок.
Наплевать, если я
Затону, затону, затону.
У меня в голове голоса, которые продолжают напевать
Ох, мое сердце — город-призрак


20 mysterious places in Russia

1. Manpupuner. Komi Republic

Manpupuner or Poles are weathered in the Komi Republic. About 200 million years ago, there were high mountains, but water and wind Stoch soft rock. Muncie pillars worshiped as gods, calling the place “mountain stone idols.” Legend Mansi says that in the place where now stand the idols, once broke a terrible battle between their people and the giants. But the angry gods turned to stone giants. Since then, only shamans Mansi people had the right to go up to the mountain to offer prayers to the gods.

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2. Ukok Plateau. Altai region

The locals still consider the Ukok plateau sacred place. Shepherds bypass glaciers side, trying not to disturb the peace of the individual tracts. On the plateau is only allowed ritual activities. The most famous discovery made ​​on the plateau – a burial Ak-Alakha. In 1993, archaeologists discovered the mummy of a young noble woman, whose body was covered with tattoos. It turned out that the indigenous people called it Ak-Kadyny or White Lady. According to their belief, the Ak-Kadyny is the guardian of the gates of the underworld.

3. The Devil’s Nose. Karelia

Devil’s Nose is located on Lake Onega. He is known for its petroglyphs, which date back to around the 3rd millennium BC The most famous of them – 2.3 meter “Demon”, which gave its name to the Cape. The monks, who arrived at the Cape in the XVI century, saw the evil in the image, and then knocked over the “feature” eight-pointed cross. Many demons were on the nose, note that there are changing the perception of time.

4. Olkhon Island. Lake Baikal

Olkhon Island – the largest island of Lake Baikal. Its name is translated from the Buryat language as “a little wooded.” On the island, archaeologists still find the ancient ritual and fortifications. Buryat legend says that the island Olkhon – the abode of the spirits of Baikal. The main place of worship was the Shaman Rock or, as it was called before, Stone Temple. Sacral promontory, this is not only for those who practice shamanism. Often, the rock can be seen praying Buddhists.

5. Sami mazes. Karelia

Stone labyrinths or Babylon were built, mostly, on the shores of the seas or in the estuaries. All mazes had religious significance, but by whom and for what purpose they were built, historians still do not know. Many scientists believe that the mazes were built on the burial grounds, to the soul of the deceased could not leave the place of his burial. Babylon scattered along the banks of the White, Barents and Baltic Sea. In Sweden, their more than 300 in Finland – about 140 in Russia – more than 50 pieces. Total stone labyrinths in the world about 500. Their diameter can vary from 5 to 30 meters, and complexity – from an ordinary spiral to Babylon with 6 outputs, 5 of which are dead ends.

6. Whale Alley. Chukotka

Scientists believe that the construction of the mall Whale bones were used 50 bowhead whales. Apparently, the mall was built on a clear project – bone-Ground opposite each other, and the height of each was about 5 meters. Historians agree that the Whale Alley was a ritual place for Chukchi tribes, while it is not mentioned in local legends. Scientists believe that alley equally could be a sanctuary, “Colosseum” and the meeting place of the tribe.

7. Arch. Chelyabinsk region

Arch is one of the fortified settlements of the Southern Urals – “Land of Cities”. The youngest of these monuments – the same age as the Egyptian pyramids. With Arkaima bind many secrets and mysteries. Disposition of the city resembles the sun, and the structure of rings and the radial direction of the buildings are oriented by the stars. Houses in the “city of the sun” were apartment, and some buildings were found pottery and metal workshops. Residents Arkaima, whose appearance was restored by skulls found in the necropolis belonged to the Caucasian race.

8. Vottovaara. Karelia

For Sami mountain Vottovaara had ritual significance. The name of the mountain can be translated as “Mountain of Victory.” Another translation of the title – “sand mountain, wooded” (Trans. Sami: Wachtebeke – “sand”; Vaara – “mountain, wooded”). On top Vottovaara are many Sade – huge boulders that were placed on the “legs” of smaller stones. On the mountain, people often feel a strange discomfort, begin to act up electronic devices.

9. Kashkulakskaya cave. Khakassia

Now Kashkulakskaya cave – tourist site. But two thousand years ago, the first tier of local shamans used as a ritual hall. The walls of the Temple of the grotto is still covered with soot from the many sacrifices. Kashkulatskaya cave appears in many legends, and, most often, quite gloomy. It lost people, strange sounds, and local residents say that in a cave inhabited by the spirit of an evil shaman. Ironically, today in the Temple grotto Khakass shaman rituals are carried out again. Do not lag behind and psychics – they conduct their training in a cave.

10. Dolmen. Western Caucasus

Appointment Caucasian dolmens is not precisely defined, but many archaeologists adhere version that this tomb megalithic. Dolmens were built mainly of sandstone. Methods of manufacturing and transport to the installation plates are still not clear. Many people feel the mood swings that are close to the dolmens. The causes of these anomalies are also unknown.

11. Patriarch’s Ponds. Moscow

Bulgakov is not in vain did Patriarch place where Woland first appeared in Moscow. Legends about the appearance of the devil appeared to people, even when the place was called “three ponds”. Patriarch’s Ponds named after the frightened locals asked the Patriarch of Moscow to sanctify the place.

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12. Valley of ghosts. Crimea

On the slopes of the mountain Demerdzhi (with Crimean Tatar – Blacksmith) located valley that locals called the Valley of Ghosts. The main attraction of this place – the stone “mushrooms” which have arisen due to weathering and leaching of rocks. In summer, the slopes Demerdzhi can see fanciful mirages. In winter and autumn mists here are terrible, because of which it seems that in the haze stone pillars move and change shape. Because of the fog rock in ancient times was called Funa or “steaming”.

13. Ayu-Dag. Crimea

Local legend has it that the Ayu-Dag or Bear Mountain actually was once a giant bear. The angry god sent to destroy the tribe has forgotten faith, but the giant saw the beauty of the Crimea and refused to obey his master. In a fit of anger god drew the bear to stone when he went down to the sea to drink. Archaeologists claim that Ayu-Dag had ritual significance for the tribes who lived here in ancient times. On top of the mountain was discovered ancient temples and cemeteries.

14. Teletskoye Lake. Altai

Teletskoye Lake – the second in the country for freshwater. Even in winter the lake does not freeze until the end. There is a legend about the grim “Forest of the Dead” at the bottom of the lake. With a relatively small amount, Teletskoye lake deep enough – up to 325 meters from the waterfall Corbu. The temperature at a depth even in the height of summer does not exceed 4 ° C. Therefore, at a depth of more than 100 meters of the body “preserved” and remain there.

15. Vasyugan swamp. Western Siberia

Vasyugan swamps are sometimes called “Russian Amazon”. Marshes stretched for 573 km from west to east. Their area is constantly growing and is already more than 53 thousand sq. M. km (this is the area of ​​Switzerland). Over the past 500 years it formed 75% of the marshes. Age Vasyugan swamps – no less than 10,000 years. Locals willing to tell legends about what these swamp created hell, who was trying to hide from God’s land.

16. Mount Kholat Syakhl. Ural

Legend has it that during a terrible flood on the slopes of the mountain were saved 10 men and one woman. They climbed to the top, to be saved from the flood, but the waves have time to take ninth men. They have given rise to the Mansi people and mountain, which saved them, named Holotchahl or Mountain of the Dead. The fame of the mountain was because of the terrible incident in 1959 when an unnamed group of Dyatlov Pass died. Until now, the circumstances of death unknown.

17. Death Valley. Kamchatka

Valley on the slopes of the volcano Kikhpinych first opened in 1975. Then it became clear that the air in the valley can be deadly poisonous. The fumes contain critical amounts of carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and sometimes hydrocyanic acid, which leads to paralysis and suffocation lungs.

18. Devil’s Cemetery, Krasnoyarsk Krai

Ferris Cemetery – perfectly circular clearing in the middle of the forest, it was almost no grass grows. Some scientists attribute the appearance of this “bald spots” with the fall of the Tunguska meteorite, but no evidence of this version has not been found. The locals believe damn cemetery “bad place.” In the clearing were found the remains of a large number of animals, and people who have visited the cemetery next to the bloody, begin to experience physical discomfort.

19. Cape Ryty. Baikal

Cape Ryty replete with rich pastures, but not near human settlements. Locals believe the cape dangerous place and call it the Hare Khushun – angry, angry Cape. Legend has it that because of the infighting three tribes at this point, angry spirit descended on them rural. No real evidence of this legend is not found. But archaeologists have discovered at Cape Rytny stone wall, the purpose of the construction is unknown, tours and stone pots that are likely used as a lamp.

20. Plescheevo lake. Pereslavl

Lake Pleshcheyevo sufficiently known in the country’s history. Here Peter I built a fleet of funny, but here is a monument to the emperor boots. But the local old-timers say the lake mystical place. Sometimes the tourists get lost in the fog on the coast and there are a few days, many of them lose their sense of time. Here, on Plescheevo lake is blue stone, a pagan ritual object. Fixed that the stone was moved several times from place to place. Scientists believe that it moved the ice and draw an analogy with the creeping stones of Death Valley, USA.


Рассказ о встрече с приведением

Категория: Рассказы на английском языке
Сложность: средний уровень
Продолжительность аудио: 3:06
Длина: короткий
Тематика: общество
Текст читает: Marion (Ireland)

Скидки и подарки от лучших сервисов по изучению английского языка. Только для тех кто подпишется на нашу рассылку (без спама)

One of my favorite things to do when I was a little girl was to stay with my granddad, so I’d go to stay with him on the holidays, and he would often tell me stories, or sing songs for me, so I learned a lot from him, but one of my favorite things, like I said was to listen to his stories and around Halloween sometimes, or if we asked him at other times when it was getting dark or a bit scary we’d ask him to tell us a ghost story, so one of, yeah, one of the first ghost stories I remember was him telling us about a time when he was quite young,

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Когда я была маленькой, то очень любила ездить в гости к дедушке, я ездила к нему на каникулы и праздники. И он часто рассказывал мне разные истории или пел — в общем, я от него много разного узнала, но самым любимым для меня, как я сказала, было слушать его рассказы, и порой на Хэллоуин или просто когда темнело и становилось страшновато, мы просили его рассказать о приведениях, и вот один из… да, один из его первых рассказов про приведения, который я запомнила, касался времён его молодости.

I think he was in his early twenties maybe, and he was already married but he went back to his parents house one night to just, to meet his family and friends, have a game of cards maybe with friends who were gathered there, so it got pretty late because they had been playing cards for a long time having some fun so he didn’t want to leave and then eventually, he and his friends decided, OK, we’d better leave and better go back home, so the two of them were walking together towards their house but in between his parents’ house and his new home they had to pass a graveyard, so these two guys, young men, I suppose, they weren’t very happy with the idea of going past a graveyard very late at night, because you know, there are lots of stories about ghosts and spirits hanging around at that time of night, so they were approaching the graveyard and they were a bit scared and they were wondering whether they should turn back or keep going.

По-моему, ему было чуть больше 20 лет, он был уже женат. Как-то раз он вечером пошёл к своим родителям повидаться с родными и друзьями, поиграть в карты с друзьями, которые там собрались. Было уже поздно, потому что заигрались в карты, ещё как-то веселились — так что уходить ему не хотелось. Но в конце концов они с друзьями решили: «Всё, хватит, пора идти домой», и вот они вдвоём с другом идут домой, а по дороге от дома родителей надо было проходить кладбище, и вот эти два парня, молодые ребята, немного побаивались идти мимо кладбища так поздно: ведь немало ходит всяких историй о приведениях и духах, гуляющих по ночам. И вот они подходят к кладбищу, боятся и не знают, повернуть ли назад или идти дальше.

Be strong and brave about it. So they were approaching the graveyard and suddenly my granddad saw what he thought was a priest sitting on the wall. So he say a man dressed in black, with a white collar, and he was so frightened, I mean, I can’t imagine what he must have said at the time, but he and his friend were really, really scared, and they were talking between themselves, «Oh, my God! What should we do? What should we do?» but they were so frightened they couldn’t move.

Не трусить и не бояться. Вот они подходят к кладбищу, и вдруг мой дед видит — как ему показалось — священника, сидящего на стене. Так он сказал: человек, одетый в чёрное, с белым воротничком. Как же он был напуган! Даже не представляю, что он в те секунды мог сказать, но он и его друг были очень сильно напуганы и переговаривались: «Бог мой! Что нам делать! Что нам делать!», но от испуга не могли сдвинуться с места.


Перевод песни Living in a ghost town (Rolling Stones, the)

Living in a ghost town

Живущий в городе-призраке

I’m a ghost
Livin’ in a ghost town
I’m a ghost
Livin’ in a ghost town
You can come look for me
But I can’t be found
You can search for me
I had to go underground
Life was so beautiful
Then we all got locked down
Feel like a ghost
Living in a ghost town, yeah

Once this place was hummin’
And the air was full of drummin’
The sound of cymbals crashin’
Glasses were all smashin’
Trumpets were all screamin’
Saxophones were blarin’
Nobody was carin’ if it’s day or night

I’m a ghost
Livin’ in a ghost town
I’m goin’ nowhere
Shut up all alone
So much time to lose
Just starin’ at my phone
Every night I am dreamin’ that you’ll come and creep in my bed
Please let this be over, not stuck
In a world without end

Preachers were all preachin’
Charities beseechin’
Politicians dealin’
Thieves were happy stealin’
Widows were all weepin’
There’s no beds for us to sleep in
Always had the feelin’
It will all come tumblin’ down

I’m a ghost
Livin’ in a ghost town
You can look for me
But I can’t be found

We’re all livin’ in a ghost town (Woah)
Oh, livin’ in a ghost town (Woah)
We were so beautiful (Woah)
I was your man about town (Woah)
Livin’ in this ghost town (Woah)
Ain’t havin’ any fun (Woah)
If I wanna party (Woah)
It’s a party of one (Woah)

Я призрак,
Живущий в городе-призраке.
Я иду в никуда,
Замкнутый в себе,
Времени полным полно,
Уставившись в телефон.
Каждую ночь мне снится, что ты придешь ко мне в постель.
Пожалуйста, пусть все это закончится, а не останется
В этом мире навечно.

Проповедники проповедовали,
Благотворители умоляли,
Политики совершали сделки,
Воры были счастливы воровать,
Вдовы оплакивали,
Не осталось постелей, в которых можно спать,
У меня всегда было чувство,
Что все вокруг скоро начнет рушиться.

Я призрак,
Живущий в городе-призраке.
Ты можешь начать искать меня,
Но меня не найти.

Мы все живем в городе-призраке (Воу),
Живем в городе-призраке (Воу).
Мы были так прекрасны (Воу).
Я был когда-то светским человеком (Воу).
А сейчас живу в городе-призраке (Воу),
Без чуточки веселья (Воу).
И если мне захочется развлечься (Воу),
То это будет лишь вечеринка для одного (Воу).


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